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Michael Cheney’s 7 Figure Franchise – Over $1 million paid out so far

One of the hottest offers to hit the online market is Michael Cheney’s Seven Figure Franchise.

[UPDATE] Michael Cheney has just released his new Millionaire’s Apprentice program.

Since it was released, the 7 Figure Franchise opportunity has generated more than a million dollars in revenue.

One of the reasons for it’s success is that Michael never intended for the products in the 7 Figure Franchise to be sold by anyone other than himself.

While some people create PLR products purely to sell to other resellers, Michael has built his business by selling information products to people looking to improve their financial situation.

His products have to convert, and have to help people, for them to sell well and keep selling.

His products have now become the basis for the Seven Figure Franchise, and his customers have been making a killing from merely giving these products promotion.

Feature #1

The Seven Figure Franchise does not end in mere entrepreneurial opportunity; it will also come with training where Michael will detail how to make a million bucks in a year.

Recorded at a private workshop in Scotland, this 2 day event reveals just how Michael has built a 7 figure business that still allows him the freedom to spend time with his family, walking his dog, or training for competitive cycling events.

While many others who will advise you to work your rear end if you are looking to make a killing, Michael will teach you how you can earn big money in just five to six hours worth of daily work.

Feature #2

Michael will provide personal assistance.

Michael knows that there are going to be people from all kinds of experience levels joining the 7 figure franchise and some people are going to need more help than others.

A 30-day consultancy with Michael is thus set up to address this before it becomes a problem. This is an opportunity for you to seek advice from Michael himself, and be able to focus on the best strategies that will help you get the best results in the quickest manner.

Beyond these 30 days, you will still get support in the form of a support team that are always ready to assist you.

Feature #3

Folks interested in the Seven Figure Franchise have been asking many times if they will need the likes of ads, web hosting and autoresponders.

That will be both a yes and a no.

To get started you don’t need any of that. All of these are pretty much be covered by Michael’s materials.

It is, however, wise to build a list; this will help you drive traffic to your own pages, and then to Michael’s where you will make money.

Shortly after you’ve built up your list, emailing them is your next step, the final aim of which is to get them buying so you make commission profits.

In relation to this, you will get exclusive license that will enable you to use Michael’s very own email marketing campaigns, including those that he will be using in the future.

These are proven campaigns that earned Michael about $7 million, and you can even use them for products outside of the program.

Feature #4

Your first 1000 visitors free.

Naturally, you will need to find buyers to make money with Michael’s products. For many people starting with the 7 figure franchise the topic of getting website traffic is going to be a little new to them and it’s something that can stump a lot of people. It’s a sad fact that many have given up on Internet marketing thanks mainly to the inability to get their hands on high quality targeted traffic.

To help guarantee your success, and fast, Michael is going to give you exclusive insider access to his traffic training that will help you get your first 1000 visitors for free.

On the same day as you have started with this training, you will be able to put to action the traffic generation strategies that you have learned and make money soon after. (Note, however, that this is merely a possibility, and you may end up making sales in a couple of days, depending on your pace).

Feature #5

There are many other bonuses, including:

– Traffic expert will help you get traffic for free.

You’ll get Michael’s traffic expert working on your campaign for a full 60 minutes to kick start your traffic and promote your franchise link on high profile search engines and websites.

– Easy and fast traffic from Facebook.

You will learn how Michael employed made over $170,000 in profits through traffic from Facebook. This is something his past clients have learned from him for the price of $5,860.

– Make actual profit from your traffic.

You’re also going to discover the fastest and most lucrative ways to drive free traffic that buys. Simply watch the training videos and follow along to start getting all the free traffic you’ll need.

Feature #6

You will access all of Michael’s available offers. This is something that could easily be worth $5,000 on it’s own. Furthermore, you will be granted access to all of Michael’s digital products after you have become a 7 Figure Franchise franchisee.

This is the most basic thing every member gets, but the value is far beyond the membership fee.

I should give you a warning though… There is going to be a LOT of information in all of these products, and trying to go through everything all at once is going to leave you overwhelmed.

Newbies won’t find it difficult to be in this program, though, as the Getting Started Training will guide them into making money as soon as they can. This training will give you enough knowledge and confidence to apply what you have learned to products that you will soon receive.

Feature #7

As a 7 figure franchise member you’re also going to be able to promote each of his products wihle keeping 100% of the sale paid direct to your paypal account. You don’t need to promote all of these products either, as you can, by all means, just market one product, and Michael will take care of the rest.

Feature #8

One of the best things about the Seven Figure Franchise is that you can easily earn commissions of $1000 through complex sales funnels that integrate a high ticket program.

This product has been designed to be as newbie-friendly as possible, and Michael has been aiming exactly for this.

High ticket programs often have information that will teach you just what to do to achieve this. But most people can’t do that. Instead, Michael’s program gives you something that’s proven to work already so that you can start getting commissions as soon as possible.

To maximize your profits, Michael has created a complete suite of evergreen sales funnels so that every single person who requests more information from your 7 figure franchise link goes through an entire 9 week sequence of email promotions.

Does 7 Figure Franchise Work? Here’s The Guarantee…

The 7 Figure Franchise will come with a rather generous double money back guarantee. Meaning, you will get twice the money you paid for as a refund should you not get anything despite faithfully following the training,

Of course, you can’t just idle around playing games and the like, and then expect to get your double money back guarantee; you will need to have put some effort on the whole thing first.

Arguably, it takes balls to put a double money back guarantee on an information product, and is almost unheard of elsewhere.

The only reason Michael can offer this is that he knows just how well it works. This can be easily reinforced by the many different proofs in screenshot form, all taken from successful members and affiliates promoting this program.

The worst case scenario if you choose to join the franchise is that you’ll get paid to try it. You either make money, or you get double your money back for trying. This, in our humble opinion, is more than fair.

Want a 7 Figure Franchise Bonus? Check This Out…

Although Michael is offering plenty of training and guidance, members-slash-marketers of the program will get some nice bonus materials.

If you can take advantage of a bonus offer you should do so – you’ll get more value for your investment.

However, you should be cautious when going for a particular bonus offer. There’s no point merely getting more ‘stuff’ just for the sake of it. You might end up wasting hard drive space if you are not careful enough with your choices. It could be worse, though, s you will probably end up overwhelmed with information and you end up not following the franchise.

Don’t just jump into bonuses, then, and consider first which would truly complement your Seven Figure Franchise package.

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