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Search Engine Rankings and Optimization to draw more Traffic to Your Site

In the contemporary world of internet based applications, mobile commerce and the ever changing dynamics of web based marketing tools; basic search engine optimization (SEO)techniques are both fundamental and essential. Higher rankings and the proper SEO tools enable you to place your site ahead of the competition and improves its visibility–especially when buyers need to access your site for their purchases.

Read on for a deeper insight into the ways of pleasing your customers and search engines alike.

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Today, the role and increasing importance of SEO can be summed in more words than you can ever fathom. First and foremost, it is important to understand that the ultimate aim of search engine optimization techniques is not to “game” or cheat search engines such as Yahoo!, Google or Bing. Their main purposes include:

1) Creation of seamless and great user experiences.

2) Communication of your marketing intentions in the right way, so as to enable search engines to recommend your site for most relevant searches.

SEO basics are helpful tools in the hands of e-commerce portal owners, advertisers and online marketers. They and go a long way in helping websites reap richer dividends and divert higher traffic their way.

Your Website: It’s just like a Cake!

Though the analogy may sound a little far-fetched, it’s true. Your paid search, links and social media act as the icing on top while the content, content management system, information architecture and infrastructure form the sugar in the cake. Without the right mix of ingredients in place, your cake can become boring and tasteless.

What do Search Engines Like?

It is all about determining your levels of relevancy and directing searchers and web users to the content requested by them. The various factors required for better “search-worthiness” and higher rankings are:

1. Content: The adequacy and relevance of the content on your site is determined by the quality and quantum of text on the page, the given theme, descriptions, titles and so forth.

2. Performance: The effectiveness and efficiency of your site and whether all the links and applications work properly.

3. Authority: This determines the authenticity of your content and how valuable other websites and authoritative sites find the same. Your content should be informative, original and worthy of reading.

4. User experience: What does your website look like to a user? Is it easily navigable and safe? Does it boast of a high bounce rate?

These are some of the main features and attributes of a SEO friendly website–that are admired by all standard search engines in the fray.

What do Search Engines Avoid?

The spiders linked with search engines have a very small data storage space to their credit. So, steer clear of shady tricks and tactics—you will end up stinging yourself. The under mentioned features speak a lot about what search engines do not want. Take a look.

1. Keyword Stuffing: This is a complete no-no! Avoid overuse of keywords in your content.

2. Purchased Links: These “bought” links will lead you nowhere. So, if you are trying to get the best returns from SEO, then avoid them totally.

3. Poor User Experience: Placing of too many ads on your site will just confuse the user and increase your bounce rate.

Have a good idea of your Business Model

Before you set out to find the right Search Engine rankings and Optimization tools for your site, take a pause and review your business model and overall goals. Ask yourself:

· Are you in the business of selling eyeballs (impressions) or what your perspective buyers click on?

· What is the meaning of conversion for you?

· What are your SEO goals?

· Are you aware of the SEO tools and e-commerce plug-ins required by your portal?

You must also remember to optimize yourself for multi channel integration. So, apart from the implementation of a proper keyword based strategy, you also need to extend your horizons to other off-site platforms and social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Emails, public forums, newsletters and other platforms also require a consistent SEO approach and go a long way in aiding your branding efforts.

SEO and optimized rankings are an order of the day. They are dominating the internet marketing scene in more ways than you can ever imagine. Under the circumstances, it has now become important to integrate the smarter and more innovative features of SEO into your business.