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The truth about Michael Cheney’s 7 Figure Franchise [Reviews]

Who Exactly Is Michael Cheney?

Michael is not your average family man: these past 17 years, he enjoys competitive cycling and works as a full time Internet marketer. Living in Scotland with his wife and two young children, he has been using a simply system to make a yearly online income of up to seven figures.

In 2006, Michael did his first major product launch, having released his Adsense Videos training course which, in just a week, went on to sell $250,000.

He launched many other products beyond that, making millions of dollars on the Internet in the process.

Having been in the online marketplace for so long, his secret to continued stay in the market is no more than delivering products that address and deliver solutions to actual issues.

The 7 Figure Franchise Explained

Michael Cheney will be providing you with a franchise of his online business which earns $1.1 million dollars yearly with the 7 Figure Franchise. Plenty will be included in each franchise, so we’ll be breaking the whole thing down to the basics.

Now if you only want to get started making high ticket commissions, you don’t need to go through all this; you only need to obtain your referral link after signing up. Having received your referral link and as you are learning how things go together, you can then just follow the course at your own pace.

You really don’t need to understand just how the smallest mechanisms work to get the whole system working, much like driving a car. Just hit the gas and you’ll move your ride. This training works under the same principle. Despite the fact that there are so many things involved for this system to work, a referral link is all you need.

What You Get – Part 1

You’ll personally be able to access Michael and get 30 days-worth of free coaching from him. This means a lot for you as a 7 Figure Franchise member when you consider the fact that Michael charges $1,000 for every hour of consultation.

What You Get – Part 2

You will bet the rights to use the very same sales copy that Michael has done, as well as any promotion he makes in the future.

Each month, you will get up to 90 pre-made emails that you can easily copy and use as your own to promote any product you want to market.

What You Get – Part 3

7 Figure Franchisees will get to sell every one of Michael’s products, and they should be able to keep 100% of the profits. This is true with both the front end products and all the other items in the funnel.

Besides the full profit that you get to earn from Michael’s products, you also get to be able to make $1000 from any franchises that you sell.

The best part is that Michael will work with every client you send his way and make that $1000 commission happen for you, and you don’t need to get involved for that matter.

You may, for instance, send him a client for his Commission Machine which costs $19.95.

Should that customer purchase the $20 front end and the first two upgrades which cost $197 and $97, thus earning you a $313.95 profit in commissions, you still get to earn another $1000 should the customer agree to the automated follow up sequence offering the franchise.

This adds up to a $1,313.95 in commission for just a single $19.95 customer.

That’s not so bad now, isn’t it?

That there is just one part of the Franchise membership.

What You Get – Part 4

You’ll receive access to all the products Michael has created so far, as well as those that he will put up in the market this year.

The value for all these products and training that a 7 Figure Franchise member will be getting are estimated to be at least $5,000.

What You Get – Part 5

The first 1000 visitors you’ll get are free.

Michael is showing you how to quickly and easily get thousands of targeted visitiors without paying a dime.

A website is not needed in this regard, so long as you can direct your visitors to your referral link to the franchise.

What You Get – Part 6

  1. Michael will be revealing a method that will boost your income from virtually nothing to $10,000 monthly.
  2. A mind-bogglingly easy way to make $3000 daily through what’s essentially a brainfart.
  3. A method that will double your weekly profits with little work.
  4. A behind-the-scenes view of the life of your average Internet millionaire.
  5. Make up to ten times the money your company superiors are earning in just a four hour work day.
  6. The first step in the road to becoming a millionaire that most people miss.
  7. The symbol that you need to draw on a whiteboard that can earn you more than any money-making method.
  8. An overlooked, though important, element that determines your economic standing online.

What You Get – Part 7

You will be provided with recordings to an exclusive event where Michael is revealing his secrets to making seven-figures yearly.

This event costs thousands of dollars to access, and people flew from all over just to attend it.

For 7 Figure Franchisees, this all comes for free.

Here are some of what you will learn from this event:

  1. Private methods that you have never heard elsewhere and will give your business an edge through improved organization and effectiveness.
  2. A battle-tested method that will speed up your business to make an income in six figures yearly.
  3. How you can be an ultra affiliate earning thousands of dollars and dominating competition, thereby attracting a lot of fans.
  4. A secret product launch technique that will involve scores of hungry affiliates.
  5. Advanced strategies for list and email marketing.
  6. A method of creating funnels and sales letters that will send tons of buyers your way and get you hungry affiliates.
  7. Strategies designed to increase your profits not just from your buyers, but also prospects.
  8. And a LOT more.

Pretty cool.

That’s a lot now, isn’t it? And it doesn’t even cover the 7 figure franchise bonuses you get here.

Truth is that this post covers no more than the essentials, and there’s so much more in the actual thing.

Check out the page at and see everything for yourself.