Digital Worth Academy Review – Andrew Hansen

[ REVIEWED ] Andrew & Sara’s Digital Worth Academy

If you’re on this page then you’ve likely seen the Digital Worth Academy webinars or videos from Andrew Hansen and Sara Young, right?

Frankly though, you might be surprised to find out that the Digital Worth Academy is not affordable for everyone. But there are actually a couple of awesome reasons why.

1) Both Andrew and Sara will have ample time to entertain customers as they won’t be flocked by thousands and thousands of them. To be fair, the price point is high enough that it’s going to attract people who are serious about making a real, life changing investment in their business. Andrew and Sara are incompatible from my experience in the marketplace and the strategy they use allows them to keep the numbers small, so they are always able to provide needed support to their clients when needed.

2) Guaranteed success is what you will actually expect with this price tag. Honestly. Think about it… how many $7 ebooks have you bought but not even opened let alone used You have plenty, correct? This amount of $7 is too small to actually bother you. When you invest in something like this you’re much more likely to take action because you need to see a return on that investment. Incorporate the Digital Worth Academy’s step-by-step course and the assistance that Andrew and Sare can offer and you will most likely get the results you need.

From 2007 Andrew has taught students how to build $5,000-$10,000 monthly affiliate sites with an absolutely free traffic. Just recently he was able to get for his main website nearly two hundred thousand visitors a month with free traffic.

Sara has taught a lot of people how to make an income within three(3) hours from the start. (I know some people that have been trying for 3 YEARS!

All in all, they’ve gained 23 years and more of experience in internet marketing and coaching others.

Being a mother to 7(seven) children, she’s more than a Superwoman as she has mentored a lot of students and helped them gain income online.

Andrew Hansen and Sara Young are the people responsible for Digital Worth Academy and this is not their first time.

Tell me about Andrew + Sara…

In fact, their previous coaching program saw one of the highest percentages ever of students making money with the course.

Their latest program, Digital Worth Academy, is set to do much better than their previous program.

(Full disclosure – while not everybody got the results they wanted, but this does not really conclude that the training is a failure. Compare it to those who purchase diet books and do not really end up as thin supermodels. Some people just love cheeseburgers too much

What do you get with Digital Worth Academy?

Not only will Digital Worth Academy give you a lot of information that is easy to digest because it is broken down into small pieces, but it you will also get the forum members and private Facebook groups’ support together with the support of Andrew and Sara.

Here is what we know about the course –

1 – The Course Material of Digital Worth Academy

All you have to do is follow and you can already build a digital asset that is incredibly lucrative even if you do not have experience with this industry.

In the Digital Worth Academy course, you are going to get a lifetime access to everything that it offers. Seven different sections that features 30 separate modules is what you will find in this course right now. In total there are more than 150 training videos that are filmed in an “over the shoulder” method so you get to see exactly what Andrew and Sara are doing at each step of the way.

2 – Coaching by the Digital Worth Academy

You will be coached by Andrew and Sara along with their team of specialists on top of having lifetime access to all of the training materials. The support that you will get is complete because they will not leave you on your own to figure it out.

One of the great things about the training programs that Andrew and Sara create is that they are genuinely building a community of other like minded people who all strive to help each other get ahead.

You can interact with both the teachers and other students through a forum, ask assistance from the support desk, check out the live webinars (with replays) as well as one-to-one chats.

3 – Commission Searching Software

To help you easily find different types of opportunities in the digital asset space, they’re going to include their Commission Wizard (Version 2) software for you. This is the same tool that Andrew and Sara use to spot those commercial opportunities to build their digital assets around.

4 – Keyword Research Software

Knowing which search words people are using on Google is one of the factors involved with building a site that gets a lot of free activity from the web crawlers. What you need to look for are search phrases or keywords that do not have a lot of competition but are popular. It sounds difficult because it really is. You do not have to do all the hard work because Andrew and Sara are also going to add a software tool that will do all the hard work.

5 – Software for Profit Calculating

Building a business only to realize that it was a waste of your time can be a really bad experience because you have already spent time and money building it You will instantly be able to see whether a potential market is a hidden goldmine, or an oversaturated (or even outdated) market with the Profit Calculator Software. It is the same as fidget spinners, if you remember it.

6 – Digital Worth Academy Community

As we’ve said Andrew and Sara are extremely incredible at building networks of individuals who are on the whole working through the program together and Digital Worth Academy will be the same. You will get the chance to connect with other people who can help you in your business, however frequently you’ll create new companions online who will keep on helping you long after the underlying preparing is finished.

7 – Exclusive Outsource Staff Rolodex by Digital Worth Academy

The most underrated, but valuable part of the membership you are getting is this. You get access to a list of Andrew and Sara’s own staff – people who are completely verified and able to do the tasks for you to help you accelerate your progress. If you do not have time to do the hard work, then you can get someone else to do it for you. That sounds great, doesn’t it?


Common Digital Worth Academy concerns:

Here are the frequently asked questions about Digital Worth Academy and the answers to them –

1 – What other expenses are there?

(Honestly if $4/month seems like too much for you to invest in a business, then having a business isn’t going to be the right thing for you.)

However, if you go this website called you need only pay less than $4 a month for web hosting PLUS you get a free domain as well.

On top of this there’s a really cool software tool they recommend you get, at least for a month. That one costs $37.

You’re going to need some essentials just like any web based business course. Just like any internet based business course you’ll be needing a few elements. First, you would need a domain name from or which costs around $12. You’ll likewise need to have web hosting which cost around $5 a month.

Hence, after including all you need in this business most likely you will need less than a hundred dollars for the year (that will be spending $2 more a week).

2 – How much time do I need for this?

The key though is to keep doing something. If you can spend so much of your time on Facebook or Netflix, then it wouldn’t be hard for you to spend an extra of your hour for this. Or perhaps you could wake up half an hour early and go to bed half an hour late.

If you want to see quick results then you need to devote your time on this. To start with though you should be aiming to spend about an hour a day on this. This does not mean it has to be one hour every day. And if you can spend a few hours one day a week that’s going to be better than nothing.

3 – I’m new at this. Is Digital Worth Academy for me?

At times it is better to know nothing at all so you are compelled to follow exactly each and every step. Some people with a little more experience will often try to change the method or do their own thing, and ultimately end up getting really poor results.

While it’s often a bonus to have some experience, the good thing about Digital Worth Academy is that it will take you from the very first step right through to the very end, so it doesn’t matter if you have zero experience starting out with this.

4 – How long until I make money with this?

Truth be told, you will have to perhaps wait for at least 6 months before you see a noticeable accomplishment.

Andrew and Sara are very clear that this isn’t a get rich quick type of scheme. The Digital Worth Academy allows you to invest on something for the long run, which can later on provide you with a constant monthly income

I knew it.

Although it may seem forever to see the results, you just have to take this into account… If you could spend 6 months, working in your spare time, to build a business that paid you an extra $5000 a month ($60,000 a year) for life, would you do it?

5 – Will I get help when I need it?

By now, you should already have a clear idea of how Andrew and Sara provide support if you have been paying attention to what is written here.

Whatever you prefer, be it a one-to-one chat, a live webinar coaching, joining a private facebook group or access to their forums exclusive for members. You are guaranteed of a 100% support. And so will your fellow Digital Worth Academy members.

6 – Do I need to keep these training materials?

With Digital Worth Academy you get lifetime access to the membership area. I know that Andrew and Sara also periodically record new videos and updates as/when needed and they give you all those updates for free as well.


Digital Worth Academy – Your guarantee

Andrew and Sara unquestionably aren’t the sort to keep your cash on the off chance that you can’t utilize this, so they’re securing your investment with their 100% no questions asked.

You can contact them anytime within 60 days of purchase and they’ll give you back every penny you invested.

They’ll buy your new business back from you for the price you paid to access the training in case you don’t get results even after you followed the training to build your own new business. It appears to be that they are going to give you double your money back which contains the 60 day refund, and the ‘buy your business back’ for the price you paid to access.

On a product at this price range, there are not many people who are willing to do that, save for they are really confident that people can expect results with it.

They still have one of the lowest rates for refund in the industry so that says something about the high quality of their courses, and very few people ever ask for their money back even with their no questions asked policy.

Feedback from Andrew and Sara’s students in the past:

“The support from other members via the FB group & forum is invaluable. I was quite nervous when spending the money to buy this course but I can see now what a huge opportunity I would have been missing out on. Now I have a successful blueprint to follow – I just need to keep to it and do the work. Without this, I’d still be floundering, guessing and in the slow lane to online success. Thanks guys!”

Rose Bobnic
Former Student

“Before I became one of Sara’s students I struggled through IM world trying to figure out what is working, what is not working, buying all the new shiny courses who were selling “overnight rich schemes”. Sara changed all that. She literally takes you by your hand and walks every step of learning and doing with you and with her teaching everything seems to be so easy. Thanks to her teaching I made my first web site and within 2 weeks I made my first sale on Amazon. If you’re willing to learn and earn in IM world – Sara is a real deal and buying her course and having her as a teacher is the one thing you would never regret! Thank you, Sara!”

Former Student

“This program has literally changed my life. The hype, the confusion, the inaccuracy, the empty promises… All of that is GONE thanks to this coaching program. For the first time on my life I really feel I can be successful online and achieve my 5 figures monthly dream. Before this program I felt like my success was a possibility… After it, I feel my success is INEVITABLE. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!”

Jorge C
Former Student

“Sara is the best teacher she never just leaves you hanging like other courses I’ve tried before. You never feel that you are on your own she breaks it down into little easy bits. In video and text and because all people are different and are good at different areas. Sara has put experts in place to help us in every area. The community just shows that everyone on this course is making some kind of money when they never have before online. She also has a help desk that answers every question fast. All the people on this course say how caring she is about the success of her students and she really is.”

Christine S.
Former Student

7 Figure Cycle Bonus & 7 Figure Cycle Reviews

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton will release 7 Figure Cycle soon. The 7 Figure Cycle is the latest offering from Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton along with Chris Keef and Todd Snively.

At this stage, not much is known about the 7 Figure Cycle course, but as more details emerge, expect a full 7 Figure Cycle review as well as details of an amazing 7 figure cycle bonus package for buyers of the 7 Figure Cycle course.

For now, make sure to bookmark this page and keep coming back for more 7 Figure Cycle information. There will only be limited 7 Figure Cycle bonus packages available on launch day, so if you’re interested in 7 Figure Cycle, make sure to bookmark this page.

The truth about Michael Cheney’s 7 Figure Franchise [Reviews]

Who Exactly Is Michael Cheney?

Michael is not your average family man: these past 17 years, he enjoys competitive cycling and works as a full time Internet marketer. Living in Scotland with his wife and two young children, he has been using a simply system to make a yearly online income of up to seven figures.

In 2006, Michael did his first major product launch, having released his Adsense Videos training course which, in just a week, went on to sell $250,000.

He launched many other products beyond that, making millions of dollars on the Internet in the process.

Having been in the online marketplace for so long, his secret to continued stay in the market is no more than delivering products that address and deliver solutions to actual issues.

The 7 Figure Franchise Explained

Michael Cheney will be providing you with a franchise of his online business which earns $1.1 million dollars yearly with the 7 Figure Franchise. Plenty will be included in each franchise, so we’ll be breaking the whole thing down to the basics.

Now if you only want to get started making high ticket commissions, you don’t need to go through all this; you only need to obtain your referral link after signing up. Having received your referral link and as you are learning how things go together, you can then just follow the course at your own pace.

You really don’t need to understand just how the smallest mechanisms work to get the whole system working, much like driving a car. Just hit the gas and you’ll move your ride. This training works under the same principle. Despite the fact that there are so many things involved for this system to work, a referral link is all you need.

What You Get – Part 1

You’ll personally be able to access Michael and get 30 days-worth of free coaching from him. This means a lot for you as a 7 Figure Franchise member when you consider the fact that Michael charges $1,000 for every hour of consultation.

What You Get – Part 2

You will bet the rights to use the very same sales copy that Michael has done, as well as any promotion he makes in the future.

Each month, you will get up to 90 pre-made emails that you can easily copy and use as your own to promote any product you want to market.

What You Get – Part 3

7 Figure Franchisees will get to sell every one of Michael’s products, and they should be able to keep 100% of the profits. This is true with both the front end products and all the other items in the funnel.

Besides the full profit that you get to earn from Michael’s products, you also get to be able to make $1000 from any franchises that you sell.

The best part is that Michael will work with every client you send his way and make that $1000 commission happen for you, and you don’t need to get involved for that matter.

You may, for instance, send him a client for his Commission Machine which costs $19.95.

Should that customer purchase the $20 front end and the first two upgrades which cost $197 and $97, thus earning you a $313.95 profit in commissions, you still get to earn another $1000 should the customer agree to the automated follow up sequence offering the franchise.

This adds up to a $1,313.95 in commission for just a single $19.95 customer.

That’s not so bad now, isn’t it?

That there is just one part of the Franchise membership.

What You Get – Part 4

You’ll receive access to all the products Michael has created so far, as well as those that he will put up in the market this year.

The value for all these products and training that a 7 Figure Franchise member will be getting are estimated to be at least $5,000.

What You Get – Part 5

The first 1000 visitors you’ll get are free.

Michael is showing you how to quickly and easily get thousands of targeted visitiors without paying a dime.

A website is not needed in this regard, so long as you can direct your visitors to your referral link to the franchise.

What You Get – Part 6

  1. Michael will be revealing a method that will boost your income from virtually nothing to $10,000 monthly.
  2. A mind-bogglingly easy way to make $3000 daily through what’s essentially a brainfart.
  3. A method that will double your weekly profits with little work.
  4. A behind-the-scenes view of the life of your average Internet millionaire.
  5. Make up to ten times the money your company superiors are earning in just a four hour work day.
  6. The first step in the road to becoming a millionaire that most people miss.
  7. The symbol that you need to draw on a whiteboard that can earn you more than any money-making method.
  8. An overlooked, though important, element that determines your economic standing online.

What You Get – Part 7

You will be provided with recordings to an exclusive event where Michael is revealing his secrets to making seven-figures yearly.

This event costs thousands of dollars to access, and people flew from all over just to attend it.

For 7 Figure Franchisees, this all comes for free.

Here are some of what you will learn from this event:

  1. Private methods that you have never heard elsewhere and will give your business an edge through improved organization and effectiveness.
  2. A battle-tested method that will speed up your business to make an income in six figures yearly.
  3. How you can be an ultra affiliate earning thousands of dollars and dominating competition, thereby attracting a lot of fans.
  4. A secret product launch technique that will involve scores of hungry affiliates.
  5. Advanced strategies for list and email marketing.
  6. A method of creating funnels and sales letters that will send tons of buyers your way and get you hungry affiliates.
  7. Strategies designed to increase your profits not just from your buyers, but also prospects.
  8. And a LOT more.

Pretty cool.

That’s a lot now, isn’t it? And it doesn’t even cover the 7 figure franchise bonuses you get here.

Truth is that this post covers no more than the essentials, and there’s so much more in the actual thing.

Check out the page at and see everything for yourself.

Review of Richard Legg’s 100k Apprentice Workshop

In his “100k apprentice” workshop (which is free to attend) you’ll get to review the very same system that Richard Legg used to build a multiple six-figures per year business online.  Richard got started with online marketing back while studying full time for a physics degree.

To help with the costs of studying and living away from home, Richard was working part time but between the intense university schedule and his job, he spending some seventy hours a week either studying or working.

It didn’t take long before Richard felt that there had to be a better way to make some money and do it in a way that didn’t have such an impact on his ability to complete his course work.

There was a lot of trial and error but eventually, he stumbled onto a method that gave him some small results and income at first, and it was then he knew he was on to something special. To start off with the results weren’t huge but the important thing was that the income he was getting from his internet business allowed him to quit the part time job he had.

The bigger advantage though was that he could actually spend less time on his internet business than he did at work and still make more money. By the end of his last year at university, Richard had generated over six figures in revenue – all from the internet.

Unlike a lot of people teaching stuff online, Richard found that ‘boring’ things such as building systems and automating processes were the most important factors in being able to build a business that would grow quickly.

Anyone who’s started a business offline knows how difficult it can be to setup but the benefit of the internet and an online business is that techonology makes it easy for you.

After generating his first six figures, the only real job options available to him after graduating were paying around twenty thousand a year. Staying with internet marketing was an easy decision and he then went on to make his first million dollars less than 3 years after finishing his studies.

With just himself and a few outsource staff, Richard has had the freedom of being his own boss for more than a decade now.

As of today, more than one hundred and fifty thousand people have joined his online newsletter and he’s helped thousands of people with his trainings. Richard reviews lots of products and in turn customers review Richard’s products.

His physics background and analytical approach means he’s able to simplify complex systems and break them down to understandable methods.

Now in his special 100k Apprentice workshop you’ll be able to peer into his business and understand exactly how he does this, and how you can too.

This is the same model he’s used in his businesses and he’ll show you exactly how you can build your first free income system in just 10 minutes, using nothing but free tools.

At the end of the training you’ll be able to walk away with the information you need to start getting results for yourself.

And if you’re not a complete newbie you’ll still be covered as Richard is going to review some of his secret methods for increasing conversions and profits in your online business.

If you want to get access and see the training for yourself all you need to do is head on over to now.

Listen to Richard Legg on the Solopreneur show:

Catch Richard’s interview with Igor on List Building Lifestyle podcast:

Read our Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review & Bonus

Stefan Pylarinos’ AMM (Affiliate Marketing Mastery) is a different one in comparison to so many other online marketing products. It will be teaching much more than list building, sending the right emails, and the like. Stefan is going to do more than just teaching a lot of what he know about affiliate marketing, while educating you with regards to building your business’ brand in the process. Stefan will be practically sharing knowledge that will help you get repeat clients, grow your biz, and grow your profits steadily. All these potential gains are practically what we’ll need in the economical climate we currently live in.

If you are looking for a decent IM training that surely is beyond a glorified simple marketing tutorial, you might want to take a look at the AMM (Affiliate Marketing Mastery). Here, Stefan James Pylarinos will be sharing his ton of knowledge when it comes to IM and building a profitable brand.

A lot of online marketers are in search for info that can launch them further in marketing, often going beyond the usual Internet searches and spending money on premium IM trainings. Only a few lead to success, naturally. That, however, is where Internet marketing expert Stefan J. Pylarinos differ in his course, the AMM (Affiliate Marketing Mastery).

He’ll give several extras plus membership to the AAM website where you will get to receive new content over time, which is merely a few days for that matter. Such includes webinars and a ton of training videos, a lot of which show you the most recent trends in affiliate marketing as well as how you should use those to your favor.

This strategy focuses on building your brand, and this concept really visible in the info detailed in his training course.

After all, Stefan’s customers want just the right value for what that they have paid for the training course. In that regard, if you’re to ask us, AMM certainly delivers , but it could have helped Stefan’s profit margins if it is a little bit less expensive.

This course is among the few IM training courses that are based on actual results which Stefan shows in detail and with little opacity. It is based on the very affiliate marketing system that he has used to build his seven-figure brand, this is a lot more than the just the essentials with some tweaks.

Stefan sure does a pretty good work at delivering his premise, and should you end up puzzled, there’s a very quick customer support service to turn to. You can also demand a credit for your purchase on 30 days after signing up for the course should you happen to find that the product is completely lacking.

It also is one of the rare IM training courses whose sales end up for philanthropy; 10% of every sale earned with this product is going to a couple of school construction projects in the country of Ethiopia, through the non-government organization Change Heroes.

You likely have tried a few other online marketing courses in the past , and may have been dispirited with info that gets you nowhere, repetitive information, or even general affiliate marketing knowledge advertised as if it were unique information that’s not available somewhere else. These are definitely common inconveniences when it comes to paying to study affiliate marketing , but we still have to experience these sorts of issues with Stefan J. Pylarinos’ Affiliate Marketing Mastery or AMM.

Stefan James Pylarinos is a veteran affiliate marketer who has broad know-how with regards to making money on the Internet. He’s going to show us a such knowledge in The Affiliate Marketing Mastery or AMM. This here is a results-based marketing course that will be teaching you how to make the most profit of Internet marketing via an approach where you build your brand along the way.

The Affiliate Marketing Mastery or AMM has been existing for a period of time now, and Stefan James Pylarinos certainly worked hard to make certain that it is updated. Brand new content keep popping up gradually, which keeps the whole thing fresh and able to continuously offer current exclusive information.

Can Product Launch Formula really show you how to launch a product?

This November 2016 will see the latest release of Product Launch Formula from Jeff Walker.

Jeff Walker is the author of a best seller titled Launch. If there’s anything in Launch that we can learn about Jeff and his offers, it simply is that he knew more than just a thing when it comes to online product launches, and the info laid out in the book is useful to virtually any merchandise that you can think of, despite of its quality. Product Launch Formula is just about the same info translated in a medium that’s easier to take in.

For anyone doubting how well the techniques work, Jeff has used them himself to generate millions of dollars in a single launch.

Now just what is Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula? Exactly what should we expect from this? Basically, this is a course where Jeff will show the very method that he has used to release his products. He does this in quite precise, step-by-step manner, and he’ll put all the information to detail from the correct product launch sequence to blogs where you ought to be releasing info on your product launch. To top it off, this comprehensive video course will come with Jeff’s own marketing copies that you can put to use to market your offer.

The course has been so successful that previous students have built businesses resulting in over four hundred million dollars in sales, just from using the Product Launch Formula methods.

Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula is not your typical e-commerce training course, where you only end up learning the fundamentals of launching a product. With this course, Jeff will show us his very own tricks to effectively drumming up the excitement for your product such that you make massive profits on its launch. The course will show everything in a procedural way, and you’ll find it necessary to read through the details with precision. This should let you repeat Jeff’s very own triumphs in his launches.

If there is something that Jeff Walker has knowledge when it comes to making great profits from your merchandise, it’s the fact that your product’s launch needs to be spectacular. A launch to be successful should be hyped enough such that a huge audience of buyers shows up on that day. Jeff will detail how this can be achieved in the Product Launch Formula. With marketing materials, he’ll practically railroad you into a profitable product launch. Certainly, the guy has the credibility, and he’s someone you can trust to hold your hand through the whole thing.

If you’re interested in learning more about the course, make sure to check out the link on this page where you’ll find a full Product Launch Formula review and also details of a special bonus package.

There are a lot of trainings all over that could impart to you how to make big money from your launches . Unfortunately there’s not so many that can hope to be as detailed as the Product Launch Formula. Here, Jeff Walker made an effort to be very precise down to the final details, giving us the opportunity to get an insight into the mind of this expert. He simply had not gone over the basics , but he has also shared several strategy that should help you be ahead of your business rivals. Furthermore, he will also give us the swipe files he has utilized to roll out his own products .

[UPDATE] Constant Profits Club from Andrew Hansen & Sara Young

Great news for fans of Andrew Hansen – he’s teaming up with Sara Young to release Constant Profits Club in March 2016.

Andrew has had massive success with his Forever Affiliate and Rankings Institute trainings, and Sara is also an extremely accomplished marketer with a stunning reputation.

The Constant Profits Club looks to be an extremely in-depth training program that teaches people how to generate income quickly and then leverage that into a long term sustainable business.

As you can expect, we’ll have a full review of everything you get as soon as we can get more information as well as a very valuable bonus collection too.

Before that though, make sure to check out the video “sneak peek” below and keep coming back for more info…

Best Rankings Institute Bonus For Andrew Hansen’s Course

With the Rankings Institute being re-opened soon in September 2014, we’ll be looking to put together an awesome bonus package for anyone who wants to grab Andrew Hansen’s new course, as well as an in-depth review to make sure it’s right for you.

While free traffic from seo can be great, it is definitely not the only method of getting traffic, so if you want to completely dominate a market and 10X your results, you’ll want to check out our special Rankings Institute bonus package that will be exclusive for our readers.


Rankings Institute Review

Looking for a Rankings Institute Review?

#1 – Watch the video below to see PROOF of how well these techniques work

#2 – Watch the video below to see STUDENT PROOF from a real user of Andrew’s techniques.

UPDATE: Rankings Institute Members Area Revealed…

In September the Rankings Institute will be reopened from Andrew Hansen (and we’re putting together a nice bonus for it).  Andrew is famous for his affiliate/seo strategies that produce long term results for himself and his students.

In fact, his last course, Forever Affiliate, which he released back in the beginning of 2013 was one of the best courses on affiliate marketing released in the whole year.

Now with the Rankings Institute, he’s looking to teach a much deeper level of seo and traffic generation that can be applied to almost any site (not just small little affiliate sites).

Once we get access to the course we’ll be publishing a full Rankings Institute review for people to see exactly what’s contained in the course and what you can expect – including all the good points, and possibly not so good points. Until then make sure to bookmark this page so that you can come back and read the review when it’s ready.

Search Engine Rankings and Optimization to draw more Traffic to Your Site

In the contemporary world of internet based applications, mobile commerce and the ever changing dynamics of web based marketing tools; basic search engine optimization (SEO)techniques are both fundamental and essential. Higher rankings and the proper SEO tools enable you to place your site ahead of the competition and improves its visibility–especially when buyers need to access your site for their purchases.

Read on for a deeper insight into the ways of pleasing your customers and search engines alike.

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Today, the role and increasing importance of SEO can be summed in more words than you can ever fathom. First and foremost, it is important to understand that the ultimate aim of search engine optimization techniques is not to “game” or cheat search engines such as Yahoo!, Google or Bing. Their main purposes include:

1) Creation of seamless and great user experiences.

2) Communication of your marketing intentions in the right way, so as to enable search engines to recommend your site for most relevant searches.

SEO basics are helpful tools in the hands of e-commerce portal owners, advertisers and online marketers. They and go a long way in helping websites reap richer dividends and divert higher traffic their way.

Your Website: It’s just like a Cake!

Though the analogy may sound a little far-fetched, it’s true. Your paid search, links and social media act as the icing on top while the content, content management system, information architecture and infrastructure form the sugar in the cake. Without the right mix of ingredients in place, your cake can become boring and tasteless.

What do Search Engines Like?

It is all about determining your levels of relevancy and directing searchers and web users to the content requested by them. The various factors required for better “search-worthiness” and higher rankings are:

1. Content: The adequacy and relevance of the content on your site is determined by the quality and quantum of text on the page, the given theme, descriptions, titles and so forth.

2. Performance: The effectiveness and efficiency of your site and whether all the links and applications work properly.

3. Authority: This determines the authenticity of your content and how valuable other websites and authoritative sites find the same. Your content should be informative, original and worthy of reading.

4. User experience: What does your website look like to a user? Is it easily navigable and safe? Does it boast of a high bounce rate?

These are some of the main features and attributes of a SEO friendly website–that are admired by all standard search engines in the fray.

What do Search Engines Avoid?

The spiders linked with search engines have a very small data storage space to their credit. So, steer clear of shady tricks and tactics—you will end up stinging yourself. The under mentioned features speak a lot about what search engines do not want. Take a look.

1. Keyword Stuffing: This is a complete no-no! Avoid overuse of keywords in your content.

2. Purchased Links: These “bought” links will lead you nowhere. So, if you are trying to get the best returns from SEO, then avoid them totally.

3. Poor User Experience: Placing of too many ads on your site will just confuse the user and increase your bounce rate.

Have a good idea of your Business Model

Before you set out to find the right Search Engine rankings and Optimization tools for your site, take a pause and review your business model and overall goals. Ask yourself:

· Are you in the business of selling eyeballs (impressions) or what your perspective buyers click on?

· What is the meaning of conversion for you?

· What are your SEO goals?

· Are you aware of the SEO tools and e-commerce plug-ins required by your portal?

You must also remember to optimize yourself for multi channel integration. So, apart from the implementation of a proper keyword based strategy, you also need to extend your horizons to other off-site platforms and social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Emails, public forums, newsletters and other platforms also require a consistent SEO approach and go a long way in aiding your branding efforts.

SEO and optimized rankings are an order of the day. They are dominating the internet marketing scene in more ways than you can ever imagine. Under the circumstances, it has now become important to integrate the smarter and more innovative features of SEO into your business.